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UNR Global Conference Geneva Switzerland

May 8-12, 2023


Parlamento & Fe Internacional




Parlamento & Fe is a worldwide movement with a presence in 50 countries and 6 continents.

It is made up of men and women who have assumed a commitment to society, accompanying those who participate in politics at all levels, contributing to the development of spiritual principles and values according to the needs of the 21st century.

We believe in spiritual values that transcend the culture, time, and history of countries.  We have an integral view of each person, valuing all areas of life, embodying in each action the Christian worldview, and promoting peace and personal well-being in a dynamic process of interaction of each man and woman within their social, cultural, spiritual, and ecological environment.

We are certain that these transformations at the individual level will translate into changes that benefit communities.

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What do we do?

We develop environments that facilitate spiritual reflection which aids in enduring the different problems and tasks that are demanded in the areas of government.

We value personal connections which form support that goes beyond the tasks but reaches into the very existence of each person.

How does our ministry work?

Since its inception in 2008, Parlamento & Fe organizes cultural events as well as regional and global conferences.

These activities seek to share and promote the vision. We have developed different strategies to accomplish this.

Such strategies tend to motivate those who are willing to be part of this life-changing transformation in their lives and within their societies.

The intention of Parlamento & Fe is that in every continent Faith emerges as a source of hope for future generations.

UNR Global Conference

The United Nations plays a fundamental role in the design of agendas that mobilize the member countries of the United Nations to assume commitments aimed at achieving the general well-being of the individual as he exists and interacts in his natural habitat.

Through the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, the United Nations proposes a cultural transformation aimed at a global reconciliation between the environment, production, and society. 

Since their identification in 2015, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) operate as a processor of actions and policies at national and sub-national scales.  However, despite the period 2020-2030 having been defined as the decade of action, progress on the 169 goals has been scarce and uncertain.

Parlamento & Fe Internacional has decided to be part of the alliance to achieve the objectives (SDG) by making local contributions (voice, activism, problem-solving) in SDGs selected based on potential cooperation in a framework of alliances with children, companies, and other civil society actors.

In this next year, we will develop content aligned in reference to the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. 

Our global conference (UNR Global Conference) will take place in the city of Geneva, May 8-12, 2023.

The program includes lectures by experts and workshops that will address themes that deal with Poverty, Education, Environment, Justice/Institutions (SDGs # 1, 4, 15, and 16), and Religious Freedom, within the framework of strategic alliances.

This meeting will be attended by leaders from all continents and documents will be prepared that will include the synthesis and co-production of each instance, position papers, and future proposals of alliances that will be disseminated by Parlamento & Fe Internacional as a sign of being committed to the 2030 agenda of the United Nations, in relation to points that coincide with the common good from a theistic perspective.

ODS Workshops

The workshop methodology will allow participants to identify local dimensions of the SDGs, facilitate the incorporation of the SDGs into the logic and strategy for each context, and incorporate work tools that facilitate local actions as a contribution to the goals. 

Special activities related to Parlamento & Fe and its alliances will also be developed.

Reconcile is the word that synthesizes the motivation of this global conference.  At Parlamento & Fe, we firmly believe that the UNR Global Conference will be an area where, from the diversity and commitment of those who attend and participate, significant contributions will be made to activate each SDG selected in the territories.

We hope to have representatives and leaders of your country, so that, in a participatory and prospective manner, we can progress together in the urgent reconciliation between the environment, production, and society.


Parlamento & Fe is hosting the VI UNR Global Conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Leaders from all over the world will meet together beginning on May 8th to make contributions from a Christian worldview perspective towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 Agenda.