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Parlamento y Fe cristianos en el mundo de la política

Parliament and Christian Faith in the world of politics

Fuente de Noticia: El movimiento esta presente en más de 45 paises, 3 continentes América, Europa y Africa; ahora intenta crecer a Oceanía y Asia. Ver la nota completa:...

Obedience to authorities and the prophetic voice

 Undoubtedly, in general the Bible urges people to submit to the authorities, to show respect for the authorities, as well as for every person. The concept is summarized in Paul's letter to Romans 13.1-6. "Everyone must submit to public authorities, because there is...

Obediencia a las autoridades y la voz profética

 Sin lugar a dudas, en general la Biblia urge a las personas a someterse a las autoridades, de manifestar respeto por las autoridades, así como por toda persona. El concepto está resumido en la carta de Pablo a los Romanos 13.1-6. “Todos deben someterse a las...


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P&F Statement / NY22

May 20, 2022

Political Table of Parliament & Faith, New York from May 16 to 20, 2022, on the occasion of our official visit to the UN - United Nations

After the UNR Global Conference was concluded, this declaration was concluded, as an expression of the conversations carried out during the week of May 16 to 20. Leaving record and historical presence as an organization, addressing issues related to the United Nations agenda, framed in the Sustainable Development Goals with foundations of the Holy Scriptures.



Global Conference NYC 2022

The first of 10 international conferences to be held dealing with issues within the United Nations and the sustainable development goals.   More details

"We have in our hands an enormous challenge, to fulfill the most transcendent call for the life of the Nations and ours"

- Luciano Bongarrá