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Our History

Parliament & Faith is a movement founded in the Honorable Congress of the Nation of Argentina in 2008 with the purpose of accompanying men and women of government by promoting principles and values based on the needs of the XXI century.

During its first year, it spread to neighboring countries of South America and later extended to every country on the North and South American continents. Today we are represented on 3 continents and in a total 45 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Africa. We are currently seeking to expand in Asia and Oceania. 

By 2025 we will be recognized in the world as the movement that promotes transformation in politics through principles and values.

What We Believe


We want to establish in each congress, in each province, in each mayor's office or municipality a reference to influence its community


Create management teams in each country who will work on promoting eternal values in and through governmental authorities


We have eternal and universal values. We believe that there are values that transcend culture, time, and trans-funds. We promote and give voice to them

¿Qué hacemos?


Desarrollamos ambientes que facilitan la reflexión espiritual, la cual permite
sostener las diferentes problemáticas que la tarea, en las áreas de gobierno,
Valorizamos los vínculos personales, que conforman un sostén que va más allá
de los cargos, confrontando a la propia existencia.

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How will we make it?

Desde su inicio (2008) Parlamento & Fe realiza eventos culturales y
conferencias regionales y globales.
En estas actividades se busca compartir y promover la visión, desarrollando
diferentes estrategias.

Dichas estrategias tienden a motivar a quienes deseen sumarse a este desafío transformador de vidas y sus sociedades.
La intención de Parlamento & Fe es que en cada continente surja la Fe, como fuente de esperanza para las generaciones futuras.


People we reach by influencing their rulers.


Men of Parliament & Faith who influence their governments.


Countries in which we have representatives.


Years of service to the Latin American people and to the whole world.

"We have in our hands an enormous challenge, to fulfill the most transcendent call for the life of the Nations and ours"

- Luciano Bongarrá